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  Turkmen visa & VAT exemption

The process of visa obtaining for European experts has been modified.

For launching of visa obtaining procedures European Project Coordinator should send by e-mail Request for invitation (as it always was) and color copy of expert’s (or group of experts) passport. This request should be addressed to the Rector of coordinating Turkmen university. Then the Rector will send request letter to the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan to receive permission for the visit.

The second request letter European Project Coordinator should address to Mr. Dovlet Sadykov, Minister of Finance of Turkmenistan, National Coordinator of the International Technical Assistance Programme (content is the same as in the first request letter).

When permission from the Ministry of Education is received, Rector will send request for visa obtaining to Mr. Sadykov (with EU Coordinator’s letter attached). The office of the National Coordinator will send this request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the MFA will transmit it to the Migration Service of Turkmenistan.

When invitation is ready the Local Turkmen Coordinator will receive an invitation letter in the Migration Service.

The visa will be received in the airport upon arrival (as usual).


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