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Project proposal from Mr. Tore Garlyev, Head of Department, S.A. Niyazov Turkmen State Agricultural University

The students’ training program of animals protection against negative influence of total solar radiation and development of the new sheep depasturage’s technology in the conditions of hot climate of Turkmenistan (Karakums)

is located in the west of Central Asia, in the most southern part of the former Soviet Union. According to the climatic division it enters in the arid zone with hot and dry climate. There is a very hot and dry summer in the territory of Turkmenistan. In summer days air temperature seldom decreases to +35—40°C, and the absolute maximum reaches 46°C and more. The soil temperature reaches +65—71°C. Duration of a hot season reaches 5 months. Thus, the most adverse for animals is thermal loading and solar radiation in the conditions of Turkmenistan.

The solar radiation is a source of various kinds of energy which being absorbed by animals cutaneous covering, can make favorable or adverse impact on the animals organism.

To provide students with a profound knowledge about environment and scientifically prove the influence of its physical factors on level of disease and efficiency of animals is one of the important tasks of each modern teacher. Therefore our purpose is students training of knowledge about influence of a heat and solar radiation on the animalsan organism. In this connection on in the laboratory and practical training it is necessary to use progressive scientific and pedagogical experiences, methods and modern devices. The received knowledge on laboratory researches is supposed to be enriched and fixed in natural conditions: on students’ educational and industrial practices, together with foreign colleagues.


Project proposal from Prof. Dr. Charyyar Amansahedov, chief expert, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

Professional Educational courses for TM students in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering (using innovation technologies).


Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea to the west, Iran and Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the north-east, and Kazakhstan to the north-west. It is the southernmost republic of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Turkmenistan lies on the Turan tectonic plate and is frequently subjected to large magnitude earthquake activity. Most of the major settlements in the country are at permanent risk from seismic activity. Therefore, there is great need for safety construction to decrease of the degree of risk and minimize damage from earthquakes. It is one of the actual problems for the building industry in Turkmenistan.

Starting with 1995 almost the whole territory of Turkmenistan has turned into a big «construction site». Nowadays there is great demand in experienced specialists in such fields as industrial and civil building engineering, bridges and transport tunnels constructions, the railways, etc., knowledgeable enough to take into account the seismic danger. It certainly requires the modernization of the curricula, programs and elaboration of specialized training courses for students of building/engineering specialties.

Due to the government of Turkmenistan policy on innovative development of economy great attention is given to the development and realization of innovative projects.

The government of Turkmenistan has made a decision on establishing the Technopark where the scholars and students will conduct the research in the major scientific directions of urgent necessity to the country. There will be created the best conditions for implementation of experimental researches including seismology and aseismic building constructions.

All the above mentioned statements identify the importance of introduction of the specialized courses on aseismic building and safety of constructions into curriculum of technical universities of Turkmenistan to raise the professional level of experts in the field of earthquake engineering protection.

Main goals.

It is a very important task to implement the design of constructions in seismically dangerous areas of Turkmenistan and reduce the losses and damages from destructive earthquakes by the means of strengthening already existing constructions.

The purpose of the professional educational course in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering is to focus on the structural response of buildings, bridges, industrial facilities and other types of structures in the country. The agenda is as follows:

  1. The establishment of students’ design-survey center for earthquake engineering;
  2. Formulation of professional safety construction courses on the basis of innovative educational technologies.
    • Introduction to structural dynamics and earthquake engineering;
    • Basic seismology;
    • Structural dynamics and earthquake analysis engineering;
    • Informational databases and standard legislature referring to building construction area;
    • Implementation of marketing research and expert estimations of projects elaborations.

Expected results.

Participants of these courses can expect to have understanding and working knowledge on the following:

  • Basic seismology;
  • Earthquake characteristics;
  • Effects on earthquakes on structures;
  • Genera structural design;
  • Response of structures;
  • Seismic design;
  • Application of the International Building Code;
  • Estimation of commercial potentials in the projects implementation.

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